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Defending Other Types of Crimes in Texas


Finding the right attorney to defend your case in the Texas legal system is essential if you have been charged with any crime in the state. Both misdemeanor an
d felony convictions can potentially lead to jail time and significant fines. Establishing a solid defense strategy with the help of a Houston criminal defense lawyer can help you achieve a more positive outcome for your case and can often allow you to escape the most serious consequences of your alleged offenses, if not all consequences.

Criminal mischief, trespassing, and evading arrest are usually charged as misdemeanor offenses in the state of Texas. Juveniles are often offenders in these types of cases. Retaining the services of a defense attorney can help you get the charges dismissed or reduced. In many cases, a qualified attorney can arrange for the juvenile offender to be placed into a juvenile justice diversion program as an alternative to a conviction in the court system.

Credit card abuse usually entails the theft and misuse of another person’s credit card or the act of obtaining a credit card under false pretenses. Use of revoked, expired, and cancelled credit and debit cards would be considered credit card abuse; however, modern computerized systems have made these occurrences rather rare. Credit card abuse crimes are considered state jail felonies and are punishable upon conviction by jail time as well as by a sizable fine.

Most terroristic threats are considered class A misdemeanors in the state of Texas. This offense occurs when a threat of violence is made against property or people in an effort to inspire fear in individuals or to shut down the use or function of a particular area or building. If the terroristic threat targets communications systems, public utilities, transportation centers, or any other public service, however, it is considered a third degree felony.  Terroristic threat charges are also sometimes brought against a person whom law enforcement wants to press charges against or arrest but do not have sufficient evidence or can not meet the all the necessary elements of another offense.  Hiring an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who can get to the bottom of the alleged charges can help you obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

Other common crimes in the state of Texas include retaliation, harassment, interfering with an emergency 911 call, deadly conduct, and failure to provide identification after an arrest. If you or someone you care about has been charged with these or any other crimes in the state of Texas, contacting Matthew Gallagher can help you ensure the most effective defense against those charges. Matthew Gallagher’s experience can be leveraged to develop the best strategy to defend your case in the most effective possible way.

No matter type of crime you have been charged with Matthew Gallagher will sit down with you and give you a free initial consultation and discuss possible defensive strategies that can be employed in your specific situation.