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Texas law criminalizes driving with a suspended, cancelled, expired or revoked drivers license. However, in many cases, drivers who have lost their driving privileges can still drive legally with what is called an occupational driver’s license (sometimes referred to as a restricted license). Do not risk your freedom any longer.

An occupational driver’s license is intended to allow individuals to commute to and from their place of employment, to travel to necessary venues to maintain their household, to attend school, and to attend religious services. These limited driving privileges are granted by a judge on a case by case basis.

If you are stopped while your driver’s license is suspended, you risk being arrested or ticketed for driving while your license is invalid or suspended. More Importantly, this can also result in an additional drivers license suspension and additional surcharges (each conviction carries an additional surcharge of $750.00 payable over three years).

We have found that many times there may be multiple reasons for not being eligible for a Texas driver’s license. Under some circumstances, no occupational license is necessary because a client’s license can be reinstated immediately upon payment of money or by other means. We will research your unique situation, and will always give you all of your options.

Based on experience, an occupational driver’s license is usually the best and quickest solution. Under some circumstances, such as when a suspension is a so called “hard suspension” that is it has a definite end date and cannot be removed until it expires an occupational license is the only solution. Most of the time, even though a suspension might be ended by payment of outstanding tickets and/or removal of traffic warrants, an occupational license will allow you to work and earn money in the interim to give you the time and funds necessary to resolve the reason(s) for the suspension and get your regular license reinstated or unsuspended.

While it it is wholly within the Court’s discretion to determine the scope and/or restrictions of an occupational license; based on past case results Matthew Gallagher has been consistently successful in obtaining his clients the maximum amount of driving privileges limited only by the mandatory restrictions imposed by law.

If you are in need of an occupational driver’s license in Houston or elsewhere in Texas, Matthew Gallagher can help you navigate the necessary process and can obtain an occupational driver’s license on your behalf. Whether your license has been suspended because of an alcohol related offense or otherwise, an occupational license allows you limited driving privileges during the suspension of your driver’s license. Additionally, as a qualified Houston criminal defense attorney, Matthew Gallagher can provide you with the legal counsel necessary to defend yourself against charges that can lead to the loss of your driving privileges in the first place.

This is one of the many reasons it is important to hire an attorney such as Matthew Gallagher who is experienced in successfully obtaining occupational licenses for his clients. Some type of specific suspensions may not qualify for a Houston occupational license. For example, individuals who have lost their driving privileges due to failure to pay child support or because of a medical condition that makes it unsafe for them to drive are not generally eligible for an occupational or restricted drivers license.

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