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Justin Bieber & DWI Law in Texas

On November 11, 2014 by admin

Justin Bieber’s freedom to drive would be in serious jeopardy in the Great state of Texas if he’d been arrested for drag racing and driving under the influence like he was in Florida. Matthew Gallagher,
Attorney at Law, supports the The State of Texas’ has a ZERO TOLERANCE LAW policy for minors and alcohol; this means drivers younger than 21 years old can’t operate motor vehicles with ANY amount of alcohol or drugs in their systems. Period. Texas takes this seriously.

Justin Bieber – performance star power and all – could be facing a License suspension not to exceed 2 years and up to a $500 fine. He would have to attend an Alcohol Education Program for at least 12 hours with an additional 180 days of license suspension if he didn’t complete the Alcohol Education program.

Per Texas Department Motor Vehicles, minors could potentially get slapped with 90 days of license suspension if the judge were to award him community service in lieu of some of the license suspension time, which might bo good for him right about now. He would have to jet around town in his rented Lambourginis with an ignition interlock device – more on this later.

Judges tend to be hard on minors with hopes that it makes an impression. Remember, it’s not just YOUR life, it’s those in the car with you, those on the streets around you as well as the cars on the street with you. It just isn’t worth it.

If you are a minor like Mr. Bieber, give Matthew Gallagher – a call. We’ll talk through what WILL happen, what NEEDS to happen, and start making plans for your future.